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Lavender Salt Scrub

Lavender Salt Scrub

This gorgeous scrub is super simple to make, all natural, organic and incredibly good for you. Use this scrub on your hands, feet and body while in the tub, Then let the salts and essential oils dissolve in the bath water, creating a truly therapeutic bath time.


YIELD - 9 jars (125 ml)

PREP TIME - 20 minutes

2 1/3 cups Himalayan Rock Salt

2 1/3 epson salt

1 cup of lavender buds (Kensington Market)

8 tbsp of carrier oil, we like to use Avocado Oil, brand we prefer "NOW Solutions"

1 tbsp pure lavender oil, our preferred brand is "Aroma Force"

**Note: We like to use organic products wherever we can! All of the ones we used in this recipe are organic and locally sourced. We snagged most of these products on our last trip to Kensington Market. If you haven't made the trip to Kensington in a while, its a must do - there's some incredible things happening in that hood, loads to explore, experience and of course eat!

The Method

Add Himalayan rock salt, epsom salt and lavender buds to a large bowl

Combine ingredients until well mixed (we like to use our hands!)

Drizzle carrier oil and lavender oil over mixture

Mix until all the dry ingredients are covered in the oil mixture

...and believe it or not, you are done! Package and gift!

The Prize

We LOVE how beautiful this scrub looks and smells! Its incredible that something THIS gorgeous is also so good for you. Great for holiday gifting, showers and hostess gifts. Give to your loved ones, but be sure to save some for yourself - you'll be glad you did!

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