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Meal Prep made easy with HelloFresh

Meal Prep, Meal Delivery & Recipe Kits are everywhere. You can't scroll through the gram or listen to a podcast without one or all of these concepts popping up. My husband and I have been meal prepping for the better part of 10 years and I have had the help of Meal Delivery frequently when work takes over life. Recipe Kits should have been an automatic for me but they weren't, as I was hesitant.

I thought it was too pedestrian, not creative enough for a passionate cook like me and that I would miss out on choosing my own ingredients. I was wrong and now really excited about a particular Recipe Kit service called HelloFresh!

HelloFresh checks all of the boxes. They use only high quality, hormone and antibiotic free CANADIAN meats, sustainable fish & seafood (from my beloved Hooked ), and they buy as much organic as possible. Combine this with pre-portioned, partially prepped ingredients, all packed in recyclable, minimal packaging! I don't mind paying for convenience and I never mind paying for quality.

Speaking of price, it is a great value! At approximately $11 per meal (less if you eat smaller portions like we try to do), you can enjoy nutritious, satisfying meals quickly and easily for less than eating out. Though we are two, we enjoyed the 4 person meal 3Xweek as it allowed us to prep extra meals for future. If you are a single household, I would suggest trying the 2 person at 3Xweek plan.

Our kit included 2 meat dishes and 1 vegetarian; Ginger Pork Stir-fry, Coconut Dal with Spinach and Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

All 3 dishes were packed with flavour (not pedestrian at all) and highly nutritious.

I loved the recipes, especially the format. As a recipe developer myself, I love seeing new and different ways recipes are presented. I especially liked the BUST OUT section which tells you what equipment you'll need right off the top, the HEAT GUIDE which tells you how to temper the spiciness to your liking and the structure of the recipe method which helps you to tackle each recipes in an efficient way.

I asked my husband Leslie to tackle one recipe on his own to get his perspective. He found it simple enough, although did feel it took approximately 10 minutes longer than the recipe stated. He admitted he's not use to reading/following recipes and probably didn't read it through before starting.

After posting on the gram that I was testing these out, I got tons of feedback from friends, family and followers! All VERY positive (clearly I was late to the HelloFresh party!) and one comment that stuck out was from a very busy friend who is a father of 2. He said that knowing he has a HelloFresh kit in his fridge helps him to come home after a long work day and cook a nutritious meal vs. ordering in. I LOVE THIS!

After having a very positive experience myself, I am happy to share that HelloFresh is now a welcomed part of my meal prep/planning repertoire. I recommend this to any busy person who loves to cook and is looking for an easy, cost effective way to meal prep and enjoy more meals at home.

Visit their website or download their app and use my promo code: LOVEOFFOOD to get 50% off your next order (new or returning customers)

And as always, please lmk what you think!

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